Exporting Requirements

Documents can be exported for editing or to exchange with other systems:

$ doorstop export TST
  active: true
  dervied: false
  level: 1
  - REQ001
  normative: true
  ref: ''
  text: |
    Verify the foobar will foo and bar.

Or a file can be created using one of the supported extensions:

$ doorstop export TST path/to/tst.csv
exporting TST to path/to/tst.csv...
exported: path/to/tst.csv

Supported formats:

  • YAML: .yml
  • Comma-Separated Values: .csv
  • Tab-Separated Values: .tsv
  • Microsoft Office Excel: .xlsx

Importing Requirements

Items can be created/updated from the export formats:

$ doorstop import path/to/tst.csv TST