Help with Doorstop:

  • doorstop --help
  • doorstop <COMMAND> --help

Set up a repository for controlling documents:

  • mkdir /path/to/docs
  • cd /path/to/docs
  • git init

Create a root parent requirements document:

  • doorstop create REQ ./reqs/req

Add items to a document, will be automatically numbered:

  • doorstop add REQ

Create a child document (low level requirements) to link to the parent:

  • doorstop create LLR ./reqs/llr --parent REQ
  • doorstop add LLR

Link low level items to requirements (separators like '-' are optional and ignored):

  • doorstop link LLR001 REQ001

Check integrity of the document tree and validate links:

  • doorstop

Mark an unreviewed item, document, or all documents as reviewed:

  • doorstop review REQ-001 # Marks item REQ-001 as reviewed
  • doorstop review REQ # Marks all items in document REQ as reviewed
  • doorstop review all # Marks all documents as reviewed

Mark suspect links in an item, document, or all documents, as cleared:

  • doorstop clear LLR-001 # Marks all links originating in item LLR-001 as cleared
  • doorstop clear LLR-001 REQ # Marks links in item LLR-001 to document REQ as cleared
  • doorstop clear LLR REQ # Marks all links from LLR that target REQ as cleared
  • doorstop clear LLR all # Marks all links originating in document LLR as cleared
  • doorstop clear all # Marks all links in all documents as cleared

Create an HTML document in publish:

  • doorstop publish all ./publish

View in the graphical user interface (GUI):

  • doorstop-gui

Browse the doc tree on a local web server:

  • doorstop-server
  • Point browser to:
  • Ctrl+C to quit the server.

Round-trip to Excel:

  • doorstop export -x REQ REQ.xslx
  • Make edits in Excel. Do not edit UIDs. Leave UID cells blank for new items.
  • doorstop import REQ.xslx REQ
  • rm REQ.xlsx